/ Abhishek Paudel

App Development Camp Experience

Learning new things has always been my passion. And when it comes to learning new things about technology and computers, I never turn back. It had just been  few months that I had started my engineering studies in computer in IOE, Pulchowk Campus. I was a just-born-child in the field of computer programming. As C programming language was included in the course of first semester, I got to take my first leap in programming with C. C was great fun to code in.

In the mean time, I came to know about Windows 8.1 Store App Development Camp being organized in my college by the MSPs. Being a renovation, Windows 8/8.1 had fascinated me with its new features, one of which was Windows Store App. I had started to love Store Apps in my Windows 8.1 PC and always wondered how they were developed. At such point, when I came to know about the Dev Camp, I had no other choices than to take part in the Dev Camp. But when I came to know that coding was done in C#, I was a bit disappointed because I did know nothing about C#. But my fellow MSPs told me that it was not a big deal and C and C# were quite similar.

The Dev Camp was a one week programme. The first day was orientation day where Aashish dai and Chandan dai talked about Windows Store App, requirements to develop Windows Store App and setting up Visual Studio. From the second day, we started to learn how to develop Windows Store Apps from the basics. We were taught about interface design in XAML, coding in C#, animation in Blend and so on. It was really a great learning and sharing experience in the Dev Camp.

After a week of training, I was already experiencing a feeling of change inside me and that I can do something from what I have learned. After learning to develop Windows Store App, we were to develop an app in a group. I took it as a great opportunity to show what I have learned and started to work on developing an app in a group with two of my friends. Finally, we developed a game, Fruit Swiper. It is available to download for free in the Windows Store.

Click here to download FRUIT SWIPER for Windows PC

I never thought I could develop Windows Store App. I was just a starter in the field of programming with knowledge of only C. But with great passion, keen enthusiasm and friendly support from the MSPs, it was possible for me to successfully develop a Windows Store App.