The weather was very sexy. Rain, lightning and thunderstorms were mesmerizing. And I was on my bed preparing for mathematics test. Had there been no assessment, you would have found me dancing in the rain (Yeah, I do it often!) Anyway, I was a little bit stressed due the fact that I had not quite prepared for the test.

On my way to college, I saw a little girl with her mom. She was returning from her school. She seemed to enjoy on her own. Perhaps, she just had a relief from the boring school hours. Or she might be an always-happy child. Whatever the reason was, it was clear that she had got nothing to worry about. Or she might not even know that there are ‘worries’ in the world around her. All that mattered to her at that moment was her mom’s company and her freedom. Then, suddenly I heard her calling me “Dai, yeha hernu na…” in her unclear childish voice. I could not remember the whole sentence because her first word struck right into my head. I started to imagine what a beautiful place the world would be if everyone could see the world through the eyes of that little girl. At this point, I stopped worrying about mathematics. All I could think about was the beauty of the world around me.

On the other hand, those words of that child struck me about the way she learns about socialization from the society. I completely doubt that she will call any stranger passing by her to share her happiness and her feelings after she grows up in this society for few more years. Because the socialization that she learns in our society is completely fucked up. After she grows up, all she will learn about being social is to stay away from strangers because she lives in a society where rape and acid attacks are the daily news updates in newspaper, radio, TV and over the internet.